Developmental Editing

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Developmental editing & book coaching for fiction writers

I have an M.F.A. in fiction writing from George Mason University; I’m the former fiction editor of national journals So to Speak and The William and Mary Review; and I’m a novelist myself. I can help you take your novel, story collection, or memoir to the next level. Whether you need a developmental edit of your manuscript, a critique or reader’s review of your book, or regular book coaching sessions to help you through the drafting or revision process, I’m eager to learn about your work.

I enjoy digging deep into a manuscript, finding out what works, what doesn’t, and how I can help you achieve your vision. I’ll work with you to determine how much editing you need, what issues to address, and make sure we’re on the same page about the overall plan. It’s your book and your voice—as an editor my goal is not to turn you into someone else, but to help you be the best you.

Testimonials from developmental editing clients:

“This line Norah wrote, in her developmental edit of my first novel, stuck with me and will throughout my writing career (as long as it lasts)—“You’ve written a book!” I was over the moon. However, I knew what was coming, and in good editor form on the next line, and one I’ve come to expect from Norah was, “Now we’ve got some work to do.” And work we did. She took my disjointed story and gave me the good along with the “work.”  She helped me solidify around a few of the characters and their POV’s instead of the 15 or so that I had (I know that’s crazy time), and really dig into them.  Norah helped me with what was important to the story and it’s now a different book from when I started it, and so much better for it. Above all, Norah is just a very positive editor.  Her mission was to help me make this story, my word baby, the best it could possibly be. For a new writer with a first novel, that was worth its weight in gold.  I couldn’t recommend Norah enough for either seasoned, or specifically, new writers just beginning their journey.  She was invaluable to me and will be my first stop with the sequel. "

“I felt like Norah gave me a graduate-level course in rewriting my novel, and I really appreciated both her comments and her encouragement to continue!”